Alpine purity at its best

Our commitment

As leading company in the manufacturing of mineral water and syrup in Switzerland, we are conscious about discovering market trends and develop constantly new products. It is our motivation to fulfill the expectations of our clients and to perform innovations, while respecting the environment and society.

Ambitious targets

Our sustainability policy is derived from the promises made by Migros (Generation M) and the strategic targets of the M-Industry. This ensures that we commit ourselves to ambitious sustainability targets across the entire value creation chain.

Our tri-dimensional understanding of sustainability

In our sustainability commitment we look for a balanced relation of the three dimensions economy, environment and society. We want to ensure long-term economic success, develop our employees comprehensively and preserve the ecosystem.

As proof for our commitment, our environmental management system is since 2009 certified by the international environmental management standard ISO 14001. This certification obliges us to reduce constantly our environmental impacts and to comply with all environmental regulations.

A cross the entire value creation chain

Our sustainability program covers the hole of the entire value creation chain: From the procurement of our raw materials and the careful maintenance of our water sources, to the efficient and environmentally friendly manufacturing of our products, to the consumption and recycling of our bottles. We take responsibility for our products and are considering up- and downstream processes and strive for closed ecological cycles.


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