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The human body cannot produce its own minerals and trace elements, substances necessary for survival. These substances play a major role in bone formation and hair and contribute to the smooth functioning of the muscles.

Aproz mineral water contains 1650 milligrams of minerals per litre. It is a natural and simple source of minerals and an ideal supplement to a healthy and balanced diet.

Discover, below, the essential minerals that contribute to maintaining a healthy body, what effects they have on your system and what part of the daily recommended intake is covered by Aproz mineral water.


Mineral substance Effet Dose journalère conseillée Quantité dans l'eau minérale Aproz


Magnesium stabilises the nervous system and muscles.

Magnesium supports strong bones and teeth.

375 mg daily

70 mg per litre

18,7 % recommended daily intake



Calcium plays an important role in nerve transmission.

800 mg daily

360 mg per litre

45 % recommended daily intake


Sodium is essential but must be taken in moderation.

Our needs for salt are met by the salt eaten in food. For this reason, mineral water should be as low in sodium as possible. A high intake of salt or sodium chloride could cause hypertension in people sensitive to salt.


6 mg per litre

Aproz is suitable for low salt diets.


Sulphates contribute to the good taste of mineral water. It plays a minimal role in our required intake for sulphur because these are found in large quantities in sulphured amino acids found in food.


930 mg per litre

Due to its high level of sulphates, Aproz mineral water is unsuitable for infants.


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